Major references of the latest years. Many of them are longterm and returning clients.

MS Access developer

Feb 2018 – Mar 2019
Fine-tuning of an existing MS Access application.

MS Access specialist

Jun 2009 – Sep 2015
Migration of all Access databases, creation of KPI reports in Excel

Excel fine-tuner-Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam

Nov 2018 – Dec 2018
Fine-tuning of an existing Excel workbook.

Business Tools developer

Nov 2010 – Jan 2017
Development of strategic tools for Private Banking & Wealth management.

Microsoft Access Fine-Tuner, Wijgmaal

July 2019-Present
Fine-tuning of an existing application.

MS Access fine-tuner

Feb 2019 – present
Maintenance and documentation of an existing MS Access application

Business analyst – MS Access developer, Mechelen

Oct 2017 – Aug 2018
Development of a cost price calculation tool for the malt business

MS Access expert

May 2015 – Apr 2017
Taking over an existing MS Access application

Database developer

Oct 2009 – Jul 2010
Development of a database for the travel expenses of the personnel

Database developer
Bonn, Brussels

Sep 2003 – Jan 2004
Development of Offline tool(Access, SQL Server)

Développeur Access

Oct 2017 – Dec 2018
Bases applications Access pour le département Finances

Software developer

May 2010 – Aug 2010
Development of a custom software package

Data analyst & development,

Apr 1998 – May 2000
Development of an analysis
and reporting tool (Access)

MS Access expert

Aug 2018 – Present
Development of a Master Calculator tool for the HR department

Microsoft Access developer Brussels

Feb 2018 – Oct 2018
Maintenance and documentation of existing MS Access databases

Data analyst & development
Brussels, Schaarbeek

Nov 2000 – Mar 2002
Automatisation of the planning of the production of electricity

Excel expert – VBA Access Developer, Schaarbeek

Mar 2004 – Jan 2018
Fine-tuning of existing MS Excel applications

Database developer

May 2011 – Nov 2011
Maintenance of an Access database, development of a new reporting tool

Database Developer
Brussels DG DEVCO

Oct 2015 – Fev 2017
Development of a database for education projects of the EU in 40 countries

Statistical analyst

Oct 1993 – Mar 1998
Risk-analysis of the expenditure of the member states in the agricultural sector

Database Expert
Brussels DG MARE

Jul 2015 – Present
Set up the DB of the Operational Programmes under the EMFF 2014-2020 – FAME

MS Access developer

Apr 2017 – Jan 2018
Migration of an existing MS Excel application to MS Access

Database developer

Nov 2012 – Dec 2012
Fine tuning of an existing database planning tool

Adviseur Desktop Services Brussels

Aug 2008 – Dec 2008
Advising, design, build and implement applications within Microsoft Office

MS Access Developer

July 2019-Present 2010
Migrating and fine-tuning of an existing MS Access database to the actual standards.

MS Access Mentor

Oct 2019-Present
Supervising and fine-tuning of a critical MS Access business application.

Access Database developer
Wavre, Rixensart

Apr 2012 – Dec 2012
Upgrading of an existing
Access database

Rapid application developer

Feb 2015 – Jun 2015
Custom application for the follow-up of the loan, repair, and rental of Hilti tools

Data analyst – Database Developer Brussels

Jul 2002 – Oct 2002
Migration of existing programs from Access 97 to Access 2002

MS Access developer

Dec 2018 – Present
Update and fine-tuning of two MS Access databases

Data Migration Specialist, Wavre

Mar 2014 – Mar 2017
Assist with the migration to a new CRM package

Database developer

Jan 2009 – Mar 2009
Access Developments, VBA, Excel, SQL Server, ASP, PDF Creator

Software developer

Mar 2013 – Apr 2013
Development of a sales analysis application

MS Access recovery specialist Meise

Mar 2017
Repair and recovery of a corrupt MS Access database

Database developer
Meise, London, New Jersey

Sep 2004 – Jun 2005
Maintenance and enhancing of an existing MS Access program

Microsoft Access Developer, Antwerp

Sep 2018 – Present
Development of a customized member and contacts application.

MS Access expert

Dec 2017 – Dec 2018
Maintenance and fine-tuning of an existing MS Access application.

Excel fine tuner – Access trainer,Elsene

Jun 2014 – Apr 2017
Maintenance and fine tuning of an existing data consolidation application

Rapid application developer

Jul 2015 – Oct 2015
Fine-tuning & optimization of existing MS Excel application

Jobs Function Localized

Jul 2016 – Oct 2016
Custom application for the
follow-up of the training of the personnel

MS Access Bug Solver

July 2019 – Present
Bug solving in an existing application.

Database developer

November 2007
Cleaning and reprogramming of several inquiry-databases

Access Database developer

Jan 2008 – Aug 2008
Multiple projects from scratch: discuss functionalities, budgeting

Senior Access consultant

Aug 2016 – Nov 2016
Enhancement of an existing MS Access application.

Data analyst – Database developer Drogenbos

Feb 2002 – Oct 2002
Maintenance of existing programs written in Access, Excel and VB

Access programmer

Jul 2017 – Jun 2018
Upgrading and fine-tuning of an existing MS Access database

Database developer

Jun 2000 – Aug 2003
Development of a reporting tool

Data analyst – Database developer Groot-Bijgaarden

Nov 2013 – Dec 2013
Documenting and fine-tuning of an existing critical database

Microsoft Access fine-tuner

Mar 2019 – Present
Fine-tuning of an existing application

Database developer Zwijndrecht

Nov 2001 – Jun 2010
Development of a multi-user analysis, reporting and inventory, warehouse tool

MS Access specialist

Aug 2015 – Mar 2017
Fine-tuning and optimization of an existing MS Access application

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