Community Manager & Social Media Marketing

Community Manager & Social Media Marketing on FaceBook Pro & Instagram to engage with the company’s online community in order to build and increase brand awareness and loyalty.
It’s important to understand the difference between community management and social media marketing because they each have their own priorities.
Social Media Marketing is the production and distribution of social content to reach new customers and communicate with your current ones. Here, you might be focused on things like reach, engagement, and how much traffic a post drives to your site.
Community Management is what happens after and beyond your social media publishing. It’s part customer service, part listening to the internet, and part being active in discussions that relate to your brand.
Where social media marketing broadcasts a message from one-to-many, community management often starts on a smaller, more intimate scale. But it can build your brand’s presence in places both on and outside your social media pages. (source: Shopify)

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