Build a custom ASP.NET Website

ASP.NET is an open source server-side web application framework. We can build high-end secure web applications using ASP.NET.

We use HTML and JavaScript for UI design, C# and ASP.NET on the server side, and an RDBMS such as Oracle or SQL Server for the database.

A product of Microsoft, ASP.NET is a robust platform for developing dynamic web applications. The server-side framework can be written in various languages: Visual Basic .NET, Jscript, J# and C#.

Unlike HTTP, using an ASP.NET framework you can store both page and session information.

Some other notable benefits of using ASP.NET to build your web application are:

* enhanced user experience;
* less coding for the developer;
* if a process goes wrong, the server will immediately replace it with a new one so there is no gap in handling requests;
* your web application will be secure, since ASP.NET has the authentication system built into Windows.

ASP.NET also has benefits over your existing Access application:

* it is highly scalable, so you can easily move an entire application to a better platform;
* superior performance: as a newer technology, ASP.NET is much faster than other solutions;
* ASP.NET supports a variety of third-party APIs, and almost all new APIs integrate easily with .NET.

So next time you want to build the perfect website, use ASP.NET and enjoy its many benefits.

Custom MS Access Developer