Access to SQL Server upsizing

MS Access is popular for small to medium-sized applications because it allows users to create forms, reports and databases on a single platform. Most of us start using MS Access because it’s easy, without thinking about the future scope of the project.
Once an Access database reaches 2 GB in size, however, it becomes vulnerable to corruption and malfunctions. At this point it needs to move to an RDBMS platform that is better suited to large databases, such as MS SQL Server or Oracle.
We prefer to use SQL Server, since it is robust and syncs well with an existing MS Access front end.
This process is known as upsizing Access to SQL Server. Even though both are Microsoft platforms, it needs expert help. You might have a single table with huge records, for instance, or multiple related tables.
We will help you move your back-end database to SQL Server, keeping the front end in MS Access. We test the entire solution to make sure the user experience does not change.
Access to SQL Server upsizing