MS Access developer Need a Microsoft Access expert ?

We have more than 25 years’ experience translating business needs into robust and effective solutions, built from scratch using MS Access within a rapid application development model. Our applications are user-friendly, your users will not need training in Access.

Build custom MS Access applications

MS Access is an all-in-one platform providing forms, reports, database functionality and more. You can use it as a database or a complete workflow solution. Creating a workflow solution requires certain skills, and that’s where we come in.

Maintenance of existing MS Access applications

If you cannot contact the original developer of an MS Access application, or you feel their work was not up to standard, we can help. We will maintain, update, enhance or migrate your existing critical applications.

Documentation of existing MS Access applications

Quite often, an existing MS Access application is not documented. We can provide user manuals and documentation for these applications.

We can recover a corrupted database

Database corruption threatens not just your data but also your survival. We can recover damaged MS Access databases and give you valuable advice about how to safeguard your data in the future.

Migrating from Excel to Access

If you rely on Excel, you probably have multiple versions of tools that are vital to your business – and who knows which version is which? Migrating to MS Access empowers everyone with the same data and makes it easy to track historical information.

Access to SQL Server upsizing

Once an Access database reaches 2 GB it’s time to move to an RDBMS platform better suited to large databases, such as MS SQL Server or Oracle. As experts with SQL Server, we will make sure your transition is seamless.

MS Access database with SharePoint data

MS SharePoint uses the cloud to minimize infrastructure costs. We develop complete solutions based on local MS Access forms and reports linked to a SharePoint backend. Multiple sites retain their familiar tools and everyone shares the same real-time data.

Web scraping / Web crawler

Web scraping is a way to extract large amounts of data from websites and save them to a local file or database. We can create a bot (a spider) to crawl through web pages, gather the information you need and collect it in a database for further analysis.
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