Microsoft Access

Future of MS Access

With so many other platforms like SQL, PHP, .NET and JAVA, you might be thinking what is the use of converting my database into Access? Does Access have any future? Our irrefutable response to it is Yes, Access has a future and Microsoft is working really hard to improve it for its users by introducing with a plethora of new and advanced features. Access recently celebrated 25 years of existence. It will continue to lead the market in future as well.

Why Access is the best and will continue to be so in the future:

Microsoft breathes by the simple phenomenon of upgrading its products by analyzing the needs of people and companies. And, Access is no exceptional. The new features added are:

Enhanced chart options

Access charts used to be a big pain for its users and developer. Finally, Microsoft decided to bring 11 new charts with enhanced visualization. It is a clear indication that Microsoft is serious about Access.

dBASE is back

Access will once again talk to dBase and you can now import and export data from and to dBASE files (.dbf).

Sorting opting in Property Sheet

You can now find the properties conveniently on the Property Sheet, while designing Forms and Reports, by simply using the toggle button after opening the property sheet.

32-bit SSMA Support

On contrary to the 64-bit, the new MS office allows users to use SSMA(SQL Server Migration Assistant) with its 32 bit version as well. SSMA is a great feature to migrate Access data to SQL Server.

More data connectors

MS office can now import data from online sources like Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and databases like SQL Server, Azure SQL, Excel, SharePoint, and Oracle.

BigInt Feature

You can make your database more meaningful with the ability to import and export columns with BigInt (Big Integers).

Label Name

With the Label Name Property, you can now easily control a label’s naming and Access will identify the association without doing any “cut” and “paste”.

Some more reasons

It has been the best database tool for medium and small organizations and it will continue to be so. Being better than Excel and easier to work on than SQL, it is appropriate for organizations which need to consolidate a large quantity of data quickly and efficiently.

Let’s see the reasons:

Quick and User-Friendly tool

A developer will vouch that creating a database is much faster and easier than creating it on any other platform. Moreover, the application is easy to use and it suffices all the requirements of businesses.

Very flexible tool

You can amend the database whenever required without hurting your pocket. With the change in your business module, you can easily adapt the database accordingly.

Easy Import & Export Feature

Being packed with such wonderful and upgraded features, Microsoft Access is undoubtedly the world’s leading database system. With its numerous benefits for the developers and users, it is also going to lead the market for years to come.

Users can easily import or export data from the other MS Office products like Word, Excel, & Outlook. Moreover, you can also convert it to PDF and include the desired snippets in your PowerPoint slides.